Exeltis a pharma company unlike
any other in Middle East.

We offer something no one else does: an absolutely unique variety of health services and solutions.

A range of possibilities that goes from OTC consumer products to solutions that integrate the entire health sector: governments, hospitals, doctors and the final patient.

This is possible because we are part of InsudPharma, a group with which we form an organization that has more than 6,000 professionals, 10 research centers and 15 production plants.


A unique service in more than 40 countries. Able to adapt thousands of needs.

Exeltis is a company born out of innovation. With an absolute vertical integration chain that allows us to research, develop, produce and market worldwide.

Our work teams are able to integrate seamlessly with projects, becoming partners to add value and offer precise solutions.

And always with the same objective: to make better health accessible to millions of people.

More than 300 brands for the final consumer.

Exeltis has developed more than 300 products in the following therapeutic areas: woman’s spilling health, respiratory, dermatology and nervous system.

The objective is to provide advanced, effective and more accessible solutions for patients and society as a whole.

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